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Remember the great mood I was in earlier? Yeah, I miss that.


I know I haven’t been on tumblr much lately, school and work has taken over my life and my blogs have just fallen down the list in priorities. I’m sorry to all my followers, thank you for sticking with me anyway. 

That said, now I have to ask for your help.

This is me swallowing my pride and tell you that my mother and I are on low income housing. My mother is disabled and hasn’t worked since I was about 4, and going to college full time, I’m only able to work 8 hours a week.

We’ve been stuck in this tiny apartment for 3 years now, and we’re trying to better our situation. We signed up for the Section 8 Housing program and were accepted, so we get to move! Yay! …Only in order to get the voucher the housing authorities send you for your rent, you need to give notice to your current landlord. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is. So now we only have 60 days to find a new place and save enough money to pay for a deposit, pet deposit, and maybe first and last month’s rent otherwise we will be homeless.

As if that isn’t stressful enough,yesterday my mother got out money orders like she does every month to pay the bills. Money orders are old fashioned, basically you go to a bank/service center in a store and trade cash for little slips of paper. On that paper you fill in the information of whoever you’re sending the money order to. It’s supposedly safer to mail these than cash. At least this is my understanding of them.

Unfortunately, my mom was in a rush yesterday, and stuffed the money orders in her purse without filling them out. This morning, they were gone. They had probably fallen out sometime when mom was out with a friend celebrating her birthday. Yeah, her birthday is in two days and this happens.

So basically that’s $500 that was just lost. That’s our rent and electricity.

My mother was in tears when she told me today, because she feels so guilty and just sick about it. 

I can’t stand to see my mom cry, I can’t stand to see her stressed out like this. I am probably too proud for our own good, but I’m shoving that away as I ask for your help. 

I’m not going to lie, I could dip into my college fund and pay the bills this month. But to pay the bills on top of moving costs? I don’t know if it will be possible.

I’m hoping for a miracle, but I will take whatever I can get. Anything would help, anything would be appreciated. There’s now a donate button on my tumblr.

Thank you.


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got merit on my exam on this yay

I’m not dead!

I swear, this message is not coming from the grave or anything. I just haven’t had anytime to go on tumblr, I’m working and attending college and sleeping. Bear (bare?) with me until I can coordinate my schedule and actually be able to update my blogs regularly.

I love you all!


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I’d say go to hell, but I never want to see you again.

— Sylvia Plath (via lydiamartns)

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please give me one of these